York Beach

Photo Galleries > York Beach Summer, Water Views in the Yorks Views - mostly of the water - from wanderings around the family heartland, York Maine. read more Summer, Water Views in the Yorks My family has a long history in York Maine.  My great grandparents bought their house in York Harbor shortly after WW2 – my mom and her brother, as well as their cousins, spent their childhood summers at that house and have the memories to prove it.  Unfortunately, [...]
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Cape Neddick

Photo Galleries > Cape Neddick Rock Walking at Low Tide Climbing around the rocks across from the Nubble at low tide offers some amazing views. read more Rock Walking at Low Tide Since I was a little kid, I loved walking on the rocks.  It never occurred to me that one misstep could mean serious problems.  You just stepped from one rock to the next.  Where are you heading to?  Who knew - you just kept walking until you got there.  [...]
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