Williamsburg Wanderings

The daily walk became something that I looked forward to each morning during COVID lockdown.  Each morning Kristin and I would debark with Blue for what was really the only exercise we would have that day.  Most days Blue picked the route – though usually the walk involved circling around McCarren Park and back.  I have always enjoyed walking the streets of Williamsburg, given the rich history and creative populace.  This map captures some of the sights that we saw on these walks.

One thing to note – the red pins represent buildings that still include the old street signs that were built into the sides of the buildings.  That’s what this map was originally going to capture – these signs mostly date from pre-1850s, when Williamsburg was annexed into Brooklyn.  The side streets were alway the N or S streets the streets running north to south through the neighborhood were originally numbered as well, based on where they laid in relation to the river.  So Kent was First Street and Wythe was Second Street.  The street signs continued after the annexation – some sticking to the original naming – but the practice ended around 1900 when Brooklyn was annexed into New York City.