Rome Holgas

Photo Galleries > Rome Holgas Rome Holgas A collection of Holga images from our 2010 trip to Italy, which included three nights in Rome. read more Rome Holgas Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus sollicitudin tincidunt sem at molestie. Sed hendrerit sem quis auctor maximus. Nulla vehicula euismod eros, scelerisque finibus sem blandit id. Nulla in nisi in erat blandit commodo ac non nunc. Morbi venenatis augue purus, in euismod ante tempus a. Nam posuere ultricies massa et [...]
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Las Vegas

Photo Galleries > Las Vegas The Neon Museum The Boneyard at Las Vegas's Neon Museum tells the city's history through its historical neon signs. read more The Neon Museum, Las Vegas Kristin and I travelled to Las Vegas in 2013 - we had always said Las Vegas was somewhere we would like to visit if there was ever a reason to travel there.  We thought this would be a wedding, or maybe a bachelor/bachelorette party.  But the occasion that brought [...]
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Photo Galleries > Izamal Kinich Kak Moo Pyramid The city of Izamal, Mexico includes a number of Mayan ruins mix within the modern buildings, including the ruins of Kinich Kak Moo. read more Kinish Kak Moo - Izamal, Mexico Kristin and I travelled to Mexico for our wedding anniversary in 2009 - the plan was to spend the first half of the trip in Chichen Itza (what Kristin refers to as the Discovery Channel part of the trip) and then the [...]
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