Maroma Beach

Photo Galleries > Maroma Beach Maroma Beach, Mexico Black and white Holgas from a stroll on Maroma Beach - on a very sunny day. read more Maroma Beach, Mexico Kristin and I travelled to Mexico for our wedding anniversary in 2009 – the plan was to spend the first half of the trip in Chichen Itza (what Kristin refers to as the Discovery Channel part of the trip) and then the second half at a beach resort on the Rivera Maya.  [...]
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Maroma Mansion

Photo Galleries > Maroma Mansion Maroma Beach - Abandoned Mansion I stumbled on this ruin of a mansion on Maroma Beach in Mexico - the concrete walls and roof were in good condition but there were no windows and no finishings in the house. read more Maroma Beach - Abandoned Mansion The structure was next to the hotel we were staying at on Maroma Beach – I took a walk along the beach one afternoon with my cameras and just stumbled [...]
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